A letter to your uncle about your results in the annual exam

Hello Uncle,

I wanted to tell you about my recent exam results. I did really well in the yearly test and actually came first! I got good scores in all my subjects. I put in a lot of effort and hoped for the best, but I didn't expect to be at the top. It was a nice surprise for me. Mom and Dad are really happy with my results. They said they'll give me a bicycle as a gift, and I'm so excited about it. Waiting is hard!

Today is ending now. Sending my best to you and Auntie.

With love,

Reply to the Letter:

Hi Sohel,

Thanks a lot for your letter. I'm really happy to hear that you got the highest marks in your annual exam. Great job on your fantastic result! Keep up the good work, but also remember to take care of your health. Doing well in studies is wonderful, but staying healthy is just as important.

I'm sending you Tk. 2000.00 to show how proud I am. Can you let me know how you plan to use the money? Auntie and I are doing pretty well.

Please send my regards to your parents, and lots of love to you.

Take care,
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