A Moonlit Night Paragraph

A Night with Moonlight

A night with moonlight is very pretty and fun. It shows a beautiful view. It shines our eyes and calms our heart. On a night with moonlight, the moon looks like a shiny circle. The moon covers the whole world with its shiny light. The watery spots, channels, rivers, and ponds seem to be happy on a night with moonlight. The big sights the channels, rivers, and ponds show cannot be told in words. The whole nature looks bright and seems to be in a heavenly light. People of all ages enjoy a night with moonlight. Young boys play and little boys and girls have fun and enjoy themselves. A night with moonlight is truly fun for a couple who just got married. Men and women of middle ages can't go outside. They spend some time chatting and telling stories and enjoy the night. Poets of all languages have praised a night with moonlight. Even animals that are lower come out at night and small bugs also fly around. A night with moonlight is pleasant and really nice.
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