A Railway Porter Paragraph

A Railway Porter  or 
A Railroad Baggage Carrier

A railroad baggage carrier is someone who helps move things at a train station. You've probably seen these people before at train stations. They wear a special metal piece on their arm that shows their identification number given to them by the train company. They are quick when they move around. They are strong and sturdy, so they can carry heavy stuff. They help with luggage and loading and unloading the train with goods. A railroad baggage carrier is pretty smart. They can sometimes ask for more money from passengers who are having a hard time with their heavy luggage. They can be a bit grumpy and argumentative. They like to talk and agree on a price with passengers for their help. If a passenger complains about how the baggage carrier acted, the passenger might get bothered by the baggage carrier and their friends. The money a railroad baggage carrier makes is not much, even though they do a big favor for people.
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