A Railway Station Paragraph

A Railway Station is where trains start and stop. People get on and off the train there. It has a place for people to stand. In a big train stop, there is a roof over the place to stand, but in a small one, it's open. A train stop has a boss's room, a ticket-buying room, and places for people to wait. There are places to eat, stores that sell books, and shops that sell paper and pens. A train stop is always full of people. People come and go there. People stand in a line to buy tickets. They push each other to move forward. When the train comes, the place gets loud, but when the train goes away, it becomes quiet. Someone waves red and green flags. People who sell things yell, the people who sell things move, the people who carry bags walk back and forth, and the people who ask for money beg while singing religious songs. So, a train stop is a place with a lot of noise.
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