A Rainy Day Paragraph

A Rainy Day

On a rainy day, there is continuous rain throughout the day. It's a day that feels sad and dark. The sky is covered with thick clouds, and you can't see the sky itself. You can't go outside without carrying an umbrella. Water collects on the streets, and the roads become muddy and slippery. People who have to go to work or run errands use umbrellas to protect themselves, carry their shoes, and roll up their clothes to their knees to avoid getting wet. People walking by also move in the same careful manner. Sometimes, people slip and fall on the muddy roads.

When the rain comes down heavily, people get completely soaked and often have to stop in the middle of their journey. Poor people face a lot of difficulties on a rainy day. They can't go out to find work, so they can't earn the money they need to buy food for the day. They spend the day in hardship. Many students don't go to school on rainy days. Only a few brave the rain, but they end up getting wet on their way to school. As a result, classes are usually canceled, which makes these students quite happy. Other people also stay indoors and pass the day without doing much.

Farm animals stand in their shelters and call out for food. Overall, a rainy day is not a pleasant experience.
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