A Street Beggar Paragraph

A beggar who asks for help on the street is called a street beggar. You can find them sitting or standing all around town or city streets. They often have messy hair and clothes that are old and torn. Their clothes are really dirty and smell bad. Sometimes they are by themselves and sometimes with other beggars. Street beggars can be healthy, blind, unable to walk well, or have trouble moving.

They usually carry a bag hanging from their shoulder. When someone walks by them, they put out a bowl and ask for money. Sometimes they say parts of the Holy Quran or the Kalema and ask for money in the name of Allah and His holy prophet. But not everyone gives them money; some people get annoyed by their loud requests. The beggar thanks and prays for the people who give them money. If someone doesn't give them anything, they quietly go to another spot. Sometimes, a street beggar can make quite a bit of money.
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