A Street Hawker Paragraph

A street hawker is someone who sells various things by moving from one street to another. They carry their items either on their head, in their hand, or in a small cart. They usually buy their goods at a low price and sell them for a higher price to make a profit. Street hawkers are clever and know their business well. They have different types of customers, like kids and women. For children, they bring things like toys and sweets and sell them for a fixed price that's higher than what they paid. For women, they have items like bangles, ribbons, clothes, fruits, kitchen tools, and fancy goods. Street hawkers talk in different ways to get people's attention. They also know the best times to do their business. They avoid coming when the head of the house is at home. Instead, they come when the head of the house is away, and the women have finished their household work.
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