A Struggling Woman Story

A Brave Woman Overcoming Challenges

Meet Marium. She comes from a family that doesn't have a lot of money. When she was just fifteen years old, her parents arranged for her to marry a boy who was also not very wealthy. Unfortunately, he wasn't very motivated to work hard and didn't help out much. So, Marium had to work really hard to support her family.

She worried a lot about what would happen if she had a baby girl, because she knew her husband wouldn't be happy about it. But eventually, she did have a daughter. This made her husband even more unhappy, and his unkind behavior became too much for her to handle. So, she decided to leave her husband's home and move to Dhaka City to find a way to make a living.

As Marium's daughter grew up, Marium stayed determined and strong. She found out that the government was offering free education for girls up until a certain level of school. This was great news, so she sent her daughter to school. Turns out, her daughter was really smart and did well in her exams. She performed excellently in both the S.S.C and H.S.C exams. Later, she even became a teacher at a primary school.

Through all of Marium's hard work and her daughter's success, their lives improved over time. Marium faced many challenges, but she was brave and determined, and her efforts paid off.
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