A True Friend and A False Friend Story

Once upon a time, there were three buddies living in a forest. They were a deer, a crow, and a jackal. One day, a hunter targeted the deer, but the clever crow saved the deer from danger. This event created a strong bond between the crow and the deer, making them great pals. However, on another day, the crow fell sick and couldn't accompany the deer to the field. Left alone, the deer ventured into the field alone.

In the same forest, the jackal had sinister intentions. When he spotted the deer alone, he saw an opportunity to fulfill his appetite for fresh flesh. So, he devised a cunning plan and pretended to befriend the deer. The deer, unaware of the jackal's true intentions, introduced him to the crow. Thus, the three of them became friends, or so it seemed.

One day, the jackal lured the deer into a field where they could feast on corn. The deer began munching on the corn every night. Tragically, one night, the farmer set a trap – a net – to catch the deer. The unsuspecting deer walked right into it. The jackal, instead of helping his friend, saw this as an opportunity for a lavish meal. He coldly thought, "Once the farmer is done with the deer, I'll feast on the leftovers – bones and all." The jackal hid himself nearby, ready to indulge in his cruel plan.

The crow, who couldn't find his deer friend that night, grew worried. He sensed that something was amiss. He decided to search for his friend diligently. After a thorough search, he found the deer trapped in the net. The deer, realizing the deceitful nature of the jackal, sadly admitted, "Dear crow, your words have come true. We should be cautious when making friends with strangers. The jackal turned out to be a false friend, bringing me into this trap."

Determined to save his friend, the crow didn't lose hope. As dawn approached, the crow spotted the farmer heading toward the field. He quickly came up with a plan. He told the trapped deer to lie still and pretend to be lifeless. "When you hear my cawing, leap up and run as fast as you can," instructed the crow. Then, the crow perched on the deer's head and pretended to peck at him.

The farmer saw the deer lying there, assuming it was dead. He untangled the deer from the net and set it aside, busy with folding up the net. Just as the crow had planned, he let out a loud caw. Instantly, the deer sprang to life and darted away, escaping the danger. The farmer, realizing his prey was escaping, grabbed his club and hurled it at the deer, but it missed its mark and struck the hidden jackal in the bushes instead. The jackal met his fate and fell lifeless.

In this story, we see the difference between true friendship, like that of the crow and the deer, and fake friendship, like the deceitful jackal. It teaches us to be cautious when choosing our friends and to appreciate those who genuinely care for our well-being.
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