A Village Doctor Composition

A Village Doctor

Bangladesh is a crowded country. Compared to its people, there are only a few doctors. So it's clear that the village doctor is very important. The villagers know him well.

The village doctor is not highly educated. He didn't go to a good school. He works as a medicine salesman or a helper for a qualified doctor. He reads some medical books at home to gain experience. He also learns to give injections, stitch wounds, and put on bandages. Then he opens a small clinic in a convenient place. His supply of medicines is limited, and his clinic looks modest. He keeps his medicines in a couple of old cabinets. He sits on a simple wooden chair and has a broken table. There are a few benches for the visitors and patients.

The village doctor lives a tough and busy life. He wakes up early in the morning, has breakfast, and gets ready for work. He starts seeing patients who come to his clinic. After examining them, prescribing medicines, and preparing them, he visits patients who can't come to his clinic. He finishes his daily rounds in the late afternoon.

Then he eats his meal and rests to take care of his health. In the evening, he prepares to see more patients. He doesn't mind treating a seriously ill patient late at night.

Even though the village doctor sometimes makes the patients' condition worse, the villagers trust him the most. He is their best friend because he always responds when they need him. He shares their happiness and sorrows.

The village doctor is not rich. He is content with what he earns. He doesn't crave money. Providing medical help to the villagers is his noble purpose in life. He feels extremely happy when he sees his patients recovering. Even though he's not highly educated, he is a great help to the villagers.
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