A Village Fair Composition

A village fair is a yearly event in rural Bangladesh. It happens during religious festivals or local important events. It's a time to show and sell different things and have fun.

Usually, the fair is set up near a river, canal, or a big tank. Sometimes, it can be in an open field under a large old tree, in the market, near a temple, or by a big road.

At the village fair, people display their village-made products. There are many different items for sale. Potters, carpenters, blacksmiths, and weavers sell their handmade goods. Kids like to visit stalls with sweets, toys, and balloons. Women are interested in stalls selling artificial jewelry, earthenware, brassware, and traditional dresses.

The village fair brings much joy and excitement to the villagers. There are circus acts, magic shows, merry-go-rounds, and mock fights. People love the jatra pandal the most, where plays are performed.

However, the village fair also has some problems. Some people come to gamble and cheat others. Pickpockets and criminals also take advantage of the crowded place. Sometimes, children get lost, which worries their parents. The fair can also become unclean, as sweet stalls are open without proper protection, attracting flies and dust.

Despite the issues, the village fair is beneficial and significant. It breaks the routine of life and brings happiness to the villagers. It allows people to forget their worries for a while and enjoy the company of others, including their relatives and friends.
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