A Village Fair Composition

A Village Fair

A village fair is a big gathering of people for a special event. People of all ages, especially children, wait eagerly for this happy event. The fair usually happens once a year, either on the first or last day of the Bangla year. It usually takes place by a river.

In the fair, people from the village show and sell their handmade things. They are skilled in different jobs like making pots, furniture, tools, and clothes. They bring all these items to display and sell. There are also fun and fancy things like toys, whistles, combs, hairpins, makeup, mirrors, and clay items available for sale. You can also find painted items made from wood, bamboo, and cane. And don't forget the yummy sweets and seasonal fruits! People buy whatever they like.

To make the fair even more enjoyable, special things are arranged to entertain the visitors. There are circus shows, magic shows, traditional plays like jatra and jarigan. And for more fun, there are merry-go-rounds, puppet shows, and even cockfights.

The village fair brings happiness and joy to the villagers. It's a nice break from their everyday hard and boring life.
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