A Winter Morning Paragraph

A Cold Morning in Winter

On a cold winter morning, everything is covered in mist and feels very chilly. There's fog everywhere, so thick that sunlight can't shine through it. Even things not too far away are hard to see. Birds aren't making their usual sounds. Cows and other animals stay inside because of the cold and fog. But this doesn't happen every morning. During the night, tiny drops of water fall onto leaves and grass. When the morning sun shines on them, they look like shining pearls. People who live in the village and kids don't have warm clothes, so they gather straw and dry leaves to make a fire and keep warm. Older folks and those who don't have much money sit in the sunlight to get warm. Most people, including kids, wake up later than usual. So, they're busy with eating breakfast, getting dressed, and preparing to go to their different places. On a winter morning, you can enjoy tasty and sweet cakes, a dessert called "payesh" made from date juice, and other delicious things. As the day goes on, the winter morning scene fades away. The sun rises, and the fog disappears. A cold morning in winter is fun and enjoyable in many ways.
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