A Winter Morning Paragraph

A Cold Morning in Winter

In Bangladesh, people really like winter mornings. During this season, mornings have many interesting things. A winter morning is misty and chilly. There's thick fog everywhere. Things look blurry both near and far. It's hard to see things far away. The tall trees have fog on them and you can't see them well. At night, tiny drops of water, called dew, fall. When the morning sun comes, they look like shiny gold on the grass. Birds are happy when they see the sun's light. Farmers go to the field with their tools. Kids gather straw and make fires to keep warm. Older people sit in the sun. Some people come out to sell date-juice. This kind of morning scene goes away as the day goes on. It's a cold kind of fun that's a bit painful too. But for poor people, a winter morning can be sad.
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