A Wolf and a Crane Story

Once upon a time, there was a wolf who was eating his food when he got a bone stuck in his throat. It hurt a lot, and he ran around seeking help from anyone he could find. He cried out, "Please help me! Please save me!" He really wanted someone to take the bone out of his throat, and he promised to give a pot of gold to anyone who could do it for him.

For a while, nobody wanted to go near the wolf because they were scared. But eventually, the wolf looked so sick and desperate that a kind crane decided to help. The crane said, "Okay, I'll help you." The crane used its long bill to carefully take out the small bone from the wolf's throat. Once the bone was out, the crane politely reminded the wolf about the promise of the pot of gold.

However, now that the wolf was feeling better, he changed his attitude. He said to the crane, "You silly bird! Aren't you happy enough that you saved yourself from my mouth? Do you really expect a reward?" Then the wolf made a loud howling noise. The crane sadly realized that he wouldn't be getting any pot of gold after all. He had to go away empty-handed.
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