About Yourself Paragraph

Hi, I'm Manju. Right now, I'm fourteen years old. I'm in the ninth grade at school. I make sure to go to school all the time. I pay close attention when I learn my lessons, like 6 times I really focus.

I live with my mom and dad, my grandpa, and grandma. We're three siblings in total. Out of us, I'm the oldest. My grandpa used to be a teacher at a government school, but now he spends his time doing things to help the community. My grandma is a really nice old lady.

My dad is a doctor who works at a government hospital. My mom teaches English at a college. My younger brother and sister are in the eighth grade. They're smart cookies. I like gardening as a hobby. I also enjoy watching TV, listening to songs and music. I have a lot of fun when I watch cricket matches. When I have free time, I read novels and storybooks. Sometimes, I get involved in activities that help people. I assist those who don't have much, and I teach people who don't know how to read.
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