An Honest Rickshaw Puller Story

Meet Abdur Rahim, a man who pulls a rickshaw. He doesn't have much money and he has to work really hard every day to take care of his family. One day, while he was pulling his rickshaw, a kind man hopped on. This passenger got to where he wanted to go and gave Rahim the money he owed for the ride. But, while the passenger was putting his wallet back, it accidentally fell into the rickshaw. The man left without realizing it. This happened in the middle of the day, around lunchtime. Rahim had to take his rickshaw back to a special place called a garage. 

When he got to the garage, he saw a bag of money on the rickshaw. He took the bag home and found that it had some money in it. His wife said he should use some of that money to help their family because they were struggling. But, Rahim was a really honest person. He wanted to find out who the bag of money belonged to and give it back. After some effort, he finally figured out who the bag belonged to. He returned the bag of money to the owner, who thanked him for being so honest.

When Rahim got back home, his wife scolded him a bit for what she thought was his silly behavior.
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