An Honest Rickshaw-puller Story

There's a guy named Asif, and his job is to pull a rickshaw around. He does this every day to make sure his family has what they need. One day, while he was pulling his rickshaw, a man got on it. The man rode to where he wanted to go, got off the rickshaw, paid Asif, and then left.

Asif went back onto the road with his rickshaw, but then something caught his eye. He turned around and saw there was a bag on the seat of his rickshaw. Inside that bag, there was a lot of money. Asif quickly made up his mind to find out who the bag belonged to. He looked everywhere, but he couldn't find the person who owned the bag.

Finally, he went to a nearby police station and discovered that the bag's owner was there. The man was really thankful to Asif for being so honest and returning the bag. He even wanted to give some money to Asif as a way to say thanks, but Asif didn't take it.
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