An Ideal Teacher Composition

An Ideal Teacher

In all countries nowadays, people want education to be perfect. Everybody agrees that to have perfect education, you need perfect teachers. So, in every society, there is a big need for ideal teachers. It's crucial to talk about who an ideal teacher is and what qualities they should have.

We need some good tests to know if a teacher is ideal. Why do we go to college? The answer is for two things: good education and good character. An ideal teacher is someone who does their best to help students achieve both of these. It's not an easy job and requires certain virtues and qualifications that a teacher must have.

First, good education starts with good teaching. Teachers must be knowledgeable and responsible. To make their lessons interesting, they should explain things clearly so that all students can understand. They also need to make sure students follow the study rules and not ignore their duties.

Second, for shaping character, a teacher should be like a friend and a wise person whom students can look up to. They also need to be strict when necessary, to keep students from doing wrong things. Students should feel comfortable talking to their teacher, whether it's at school, home, library, or on the playground. They should get love and attention from the teacher, but they should also know that the teacher expects them to be loyal and responsible.

In conclusion, some people argue whether ideal teachers are born that way or can become ideal through training. If being smart was enough, then we could make ideal teachers out of scholars who are not in teaching. But qualities like caring deeply about students' futures, loving their well-being, and treating them like family can't be taught to those who become teachers just because they have no other choice. Without these qualities, being smart, hardworking, or strict won't make a teacher ideal. So, it's safer to say that ideal teachers, like Dr. Arnold, Derozio, Hare, and Laski, are born with these qualities.
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