Androcles and The Lion Story

Once upon a time, there was a young guy named Androcles. He got caught by a person who sold slaves. This person sold Androcles to a rich man in a different place. The rich man was really mean and hurt Androcles a lot. Androcles missed his home a lot. One day, he ran away from the rich man's house and found a safe spot in a cave. In the evening, a lion came into the cave. The lion seemed hurt and was making sad noises. Androcles got closer to the lion. He held the lion's paw and took out a big thorn that was stuck in it. This made the lion feel better. Androcles stayed there for a while, and then he decided to go back home. While he was on his way, the rich man's people caught him. The rich man told his people to put Androcles inside a cage with a lion. The lion was hungry and came running toward Androcles, but instead of attacking him, the lion went close to him and bowed down. It was the same lion that Androcles had helped before. The lion broke open the cage and carried Androcles away on its back.
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