Application For more facilities in the school library

Date: May 12, 2019

The Headmaster
Ibn Taimiya School, Cumilla.

Subject: Request for Improving the School Library

Dear Sir,

We, the students of your school, would like to bring to your attention a matter of concern. We often face difficulties due to the lack of necessary books in the school library. In order to create well-informed notes on various subjects, we require access to recently published and relevant books. Our school holds a respectable reputation and boasts a considerable size. A high-quality library, equipped with the latest books covering a wide range of subjects, is an essential component of any reputable educational institution. The library serves as the heart and soul of the school, offering invaluable resources.

We believe it is crucial that the library is furnished with the best and most up-to-date literature, encompassing general knowledge, science, mathematics, economics, and social science. These books should be visually appealing, well-bound, and of a standard quality. Such books have the potential to cultivate a genuine interest in library resources among students, thereby broadening their intellectual horizons.

Hence, we kindly request your intervention in enhancing the facilities within the school library. By doing so, you will greatly contribute to our learning experience.

Yours obediently,

The students of Ibn Taimiya School
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