Application For providing WI-FI facility in the school library

August 14, 2019

To: The Headmaster
Barishal Govt. High School

Subject: Request for WI-FI in School Library

Dear Sir,

We hope you're well. We are writing to ask if it would be possible to have WI-FI in our school library. Our school is known for its good reputation, but sadly, the library does not have WI-FI, which is quite disappointing.

Many other schools have already set up WI-FI in their libraries. It's a cost-effective way for students to access the Internet. This would also allow multiple students to use the Internet simultaneously. In today's time, having WI-FI in the library is becoming more important.

We kindly request your consideration in providing WI-FI for our school library. We believe this would greatly benefit us. Thank you for your attention.


Students of Barishal Govt. High School, Barishal
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