Application for Repairing the Damaged Roads

Application to the Upazila Chairman asking to fix the broken roads.

25 February 2019
The Chairman of Upazila,

Subject: Repairing the damaged roads.

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of the people living in Manikganj. I want to tell you that the main road known as Ghior-Doulatpur road is the only way for the people of two villages. Many people, around ten thousand, use this road. But rain and vehicles have made the road very bad. Vehicles cannot travel safely. It has been almost four months since the rain stopped. But the road has not been fixed yet. So, the villagers are facing a lot of problems. Also, there is a big college next to the road. The students, especially the girls, are suffering a lot.

Because of all this, I request and hope that you will take steps to repair the road and help the people.

Yours sincerely,
Afra Nawar Chowdhury
Representing the people of Manikganj
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