Application For setting up a canteen on the school campus

Date: 20 February 2019

The Headmaster,
Bandarban Govt. Girls' High School,

Subject: Request for a canteen in our school.

Dear Sir,

We want to tell you that our school is one of the best in our town. Students come from far away places to study here. They have to leave home early and stay at school for a long time. To make this time comfortable, we need a good place to have our meals. Unfortunately, we don't have a canteen in our school, so we have to buy food from nearby places. This food is not very clean and costs a lot of money. Also, those places are not safe, and some bad people hang around there.

Because of this, girls from our school cannot go to those places for meals. If we have a canteen in our school, it will be very helpful. We kindly request you to please consider setting up a canteen on our school campus. This will make things much better for us and help us avoid these problems.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Students of
Bandarban Govt. Girls' High School
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