Application For setting up a computer club/lab

Date: 2nd July 2019

The Headmaster,
X School, Dhaka.

Subject: Request for Creating a Computer Club/Lab.

Respected Sir,

We, the students of your school, want to bring something important to your attention. Currently, our school doesn't have a computer club or lab. We live in a time of science, where new discoveries happen every day. Computers are one of these discoveries. They are like a magical tool, similar to Aladin's magic wand. In today's world, they are essential and have made significant positive changes in our lives. Honestly, we can't imagine a day without using a computer. Their usefulness is beyond words. However, it saddens us that we don't have a computer club in our school. Having a computer club would help us learn more about computers for our future.

Furthermore, we have many talented science students in our school. Some might choose to study computer science and become computer scientists in the future. Considering this, we kindly request your understanding of the challenges we face without a computer club. We hope you will sympathetically consider our request and establish a computer club to address this need.

Thank you for your consideration.


The Students of X School
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