Baishakhi Mela Paragraph

Baishakhi Mela is a happy event that happens on the very start of the month in the Bengali calendar. It's a time to enjoy the beginning of the Bengali New Year. Many types of festivals happen in our country during different times of the year. Village Festival is one of these events. This festival is connected to our old customs and traditions. It takes place all over the country. It's a time of big happiness and fun. People really have a good time on this day. People of all ages and religions wear their nicest clothes and go to the festival. At the festival, you can find handmade crafts, pottery, different types of sweets, and more things that show our culture. There are also circus shows and merry-go-round rides. Everyone buys something from the festival. Kids buy flutes, sweets, and more. They have a lot of fun. This festival is extra special for the people in the main city. They wear comfy clothes and go to the Ramna Park Festival early in the morning. They eat rice with dried pepper. They have a whole day of happiness and forget about the hard parts of life for a little while.
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