Birds of Bangladesh Composition

Birds in Bangladesh

Many kinds of birds are in our country. They look different, have different sizes, and do different things. People have put them into groups like teasing birds, weaving birds, singing birds, talking birds, domestic birds, migratory birds, nighttime birds, and birds that hunt.

The crow is a teasing bird. It is common here. It looks bad and eats dirty stuff.

The babui, swallow, and tuntuni are weaving birds. They make their homes like a tailor.

Shyama, cuckoo, doel, koel, nightingale, and others are singing birds. Doel is our country's bird.

Moyna, parrot, and shalik are talking birds. They can be trained.

The owl and the bat are nighttime birds. They only come out at night.

Besides these, many guest birds come to our land during fall and winter from other places. They make our place more beautiful, but they go back when winter ends.

The hawk, vulture, and kite are birds that hunt. They eat fish and meat. They have sharp eyes and claws.

Birds are precious for our country. They eat harmful bugs that destroy crops. Some of them eat dirty things and keep the environment clean.
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