Climate Change Paragraph

Global Warming

Global warming means the Earth's air getting hotter. It's when the average temperature on the planet's surface goes up. People all over the world are talking about this a lot right now. Scientists who study the environment and people who want to make things better are really worried about how fast the Earth's temperature is changing. The big reason for this is the stuff we burn, like oil and coal. When we burn these things, they make gases that get trapped in the air and make it warmer. There are other things people do that also make the air warmer, like cutting down trees and farming. The Earth's temperature is changing very quickly. This is causing problems, especially for places that are still growing. Some of the problems are hotter temperatures, strange rain patterns, and too much salt in the water. There are also more big storms and floods happening. This makes life hard for people, especially in countries that are still trying to become stronger. One country that's really in trouble is Bangladesh. It's in a spot where the water is going to rise a lot. If it does, a lot of the land where people live will disappear. This could make 25-30 million people have to leave their homes. People need to do something about global warming. We can plant more trees and not use chemicals that hurt the air. Students can be really careful about the Earth and teach others too. Everyone needs to work together to stop this problem. If we don't, things could get really bad for all of us.
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