Compulsory Primary Education Composition

Compulsory primary education means all children up to 10 years old must finish school until class V. Its purpose is to teach reading, writing, and basic math.

Not knowing how to read and write is a big problem. It causes poverty. No development program can succeed because of this problem. On the other hand, education is essential for a country. It brings light to the mind and helps people develop mentally and morally. Proper education helps people achieve their goals in life and live better lives. It also teaches how to overcome malnutrition, hunger, and disease. So, having primary education for everyone is very important for our country.

Bangladesh faces many problems, making it hard to educate everyone quickly. Many children still don't get the chance to go to primary school. We have about 44,000 primary schools, but they are not enough for all children. By the year 2000, we'll need 24,000 more schools. Also, poor and illiterate parents don't understand the importance of education. They make their children work to support the family. Considering all these problems, primary education should be made free and compulsory.

To make the compulsory free primary education successful, we need to solve some problems. First, parents should understand the importance of education. We should build more schools so that every student can attend. Poor students should get free books, pens, and clothes. We also need to train good teachers.

The government is taking steps to remove illiteracy. In 1992, they started a universal education year. In each district, one area is chosen where all children between 5 and 7 must go to school for free. The government also has a food for education program to encourage poor parents to send their kids to school.

Our nation's prosperity and progress depend on getting rid of illiteracy. Implementing compulsory free primary education is a big necessity. If we want to succeed in the world, we need to focus all our resources and energy on this goal without wasting any time.
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