Computer Composition


Science found many amazing things, and the computer is one of them. It is a very modern device for storing and analyzing information put into it. It cannot do anything on its own. It works based on commands from the operator.

The computer wasn't made quickly. It took a long time and hard work to create it. Many science enthusiasts worked hard. So the computer is the result of the hard work of many science enthusiasts. First, Pascal invented the idea of a "Digital Calculating System" in 1642. Even though his attempts didn't succeed, he started the research that led to the invention of the computer. Finally, in 1937, Mr. Haward Akin, an American scientist, invented a machine that could do difficult math problems. So Howard Akin gets the credit for inventing the modern computer. In 1944, after seven years, an electric computer was used at Harvard University. After that, many other computers were invented, like EDSAC in 1945 and ENTANCE in 1946, and so on.

A computer has five major parts. They are the input unit, output unit, memory unit, control unit, and arithmetic unit.

A computer does three things: 1. It receives data, 2. It processes data with various calculations, 3. It gives out data.

Every computer has its own machine language, and accordingly, it functions. Machine language is not the same for all computers. It varies depending on the machine. Programs written in machine language are specific to that particular machine.

Recently, computers have been introduced in Bangladesh. Many government and non-government offices, educational institutions, are using computers. A computer course has been introduced in secondary and higher secondary levels. The day is coming when computers will be used in every aspect of life.

Computers are very useful to us. We can't go a single moment without them. They are an essential part of our daily life.
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