Computer Composition


Computer is a great thing from science. It is a success of technology. It can solve many hard problems quickly. Computer wasn't made quickly. Charles Babez is the dad of modern computer. He made the computer's structure first in 1833 AD.

A computer does three things. It gets data, works on it, and then shows it. At first, the details are put into the computer's input. It's called a program. The computer doesn't understand our language. So the program is put in its language. The results are printed with a printing machine. The signals go to the memory and the Control Unit leads them to the Arithmetic Unit. After it's done, it sends them to the result output. That's how the computer emits the result.

Computer is very helpful to us. It's used in our daily life for many things. Computer changed education a lot. Exam results are prepared correctly now. Nowadays, computer is used for diagnosing diseases. It can quickly invent new ways of doing surgery.

Nowadays, computer runs mills, factories, and industries in many countries.

We can't live without the computer even for a moment. It makes our work easier and our lives simpler. But it's not fully used in Bangladesh yet. So, we should use it all over Bangladesh.
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