CV to Participate a Divisional Painting Competition

Address: 29, Rankin Street, Wari, Dhaka-1100
Phone: 0066779
Father's Name: Farid Hossain
Mother's Name: Jakia Begum
Date of Birth: 04/01/1998
Purpose: I want to show my artistic skills and imagination through painting.
About Me: I'm a painter with a strong ability to imagine and create.
Education: I'm in sixth grade at Rampur High School. I finished my first years of school at Syedpur Govt. Primary School in 2009.
Achievements: I got a special scholarship in Primary Completion Exam. I won first place in a painting contest in Dhaka district in 2012.
Languages: I speak Bengali and English well.
Computer Skills: I know how to use Ms Word, Ms Powerpoint, Ms Excel, and Graphics.
Hobbies: I enjoy acting, painting, and being a scout to help people.
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