CV to The Scout Authority

Imagine there's a Scout Council in your local area. If you're a scout and want to join the council, you need to share your information. Here's a simple CV about you:

Address: 39, Agrabad, Chittagong-3620
Phone: 0077996
Dad's Name: Jakir Jahan
Mom's Name: Jakia Begum
Birthday: April 9th, 1998

About Me:
• I'm in Class 6 at Agrabad Govt. High School.
• I finished primary school at Agrabad Govt. Primary School.

• Got the talent scholarship in primary school.
• Chosen as the best scout member in my area in 2011.

Skills: I can speak both Bangla and English well.
Hobbies: Enjoy listening to music and discovering new things.
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