Daily Activities of A Teacher Paragraph

What a Teacher Does Every Day

Just like people in other jobs, teachers have things they do every day. They wake up early and do their morning routine. After that, they get ready for teaching. For example, if they teach English, they read the text carefully, learn hard words, and write down important things. When it's time for school, they go there. If they're in charge of a class, they take attendance. In the classroom, they try their best to explain everything clearly and in simple English. Sometimes, they give notes to the students. When they have free time, they read English newspapers, magazines, grammar books, and a dictionary. They also check and improve the students' notes. At school, they do different tasks and stay busy. When school ends, they go home. At night, they read the English textbook and prepare for the next day. This is how a teacher spends their day.
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