Dangers of Smoking Paragraph

Smoking is a really bad habit. It can make you very sick. It can give you cancer, heart attacks, and bad lung problems. Each time you take a puff of a cigarette, there are fifteen billion tiny harmful things that go into your body. One of these things is called nicotine. Nicotine makes it hard for your blood to move around and bring oxygen. This hurts your lungs. Even though we know it's bad, more than 80% of people in our country still smoke. People who smoke a lot don't feel hungry and don't have a lot of energy. Smoking also makes the air dirty and stinky. It can bother your eyes, nose, and mind. Smoking is so bad that the smell of cigarettes can make people who don't smoke feel sick. Plus, it costs a lot of money. We really need to stop people from smoking in places where others are, so they don't hurt people who don't smoke.
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