Destruction of a Liar Story

A long, long time ago, there was a shepherd who lived in a big village. This village was quite large. The shepherd had a job of taking care of a group of sheep near a forest. One day, he got the idea to play a prank. He started yelling, "Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!" The people in the village heard his shouts and rushed to help him. But when they got there, they saw no wolf at all, and the shepherd laughed at them. The villagers were tricked by the clever boy. After a few days, he played the same trick again. The villagers came running to help, but there was no wolf to be found. 

However, one day a real wolf actually appeared and began attacking the sheep. The boy got very scared and called out for help. The villagers heard him, but they thought he was just playing another trick. So, nobody came to help him. In the beginning, the wolf ate some of the sheep and eventually killed the shepherd.
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