Dialogue About Food Adulteration Between You and Your Friend

Shilu: Hey, Akshara! How are you doing today?
Akshara: I'm doing well, thanks! And you?
Shilu: I'm not doing so great. I'm actually suffering from diarrhea.
Akshara: Oh no, that's terrible! Have you eaten anything outside recently?
Shilu: Yes, I had a burger from a bakery yesterday.
Akshara: Ah, that could be the reason. It sounds like food poisoning.
Shilu: Yeah, you're right. It's possible.
Akshara: You know, all of this is due to the widespread practice of food adulteration in our country.
Shilu: Absolutely, it's becoming a real issue, especially in the big cities and towns.
Akshara: It's really alarming that even with mobile courts, this problem remains unchecked.
Shilu: Sadly, some unscrupulous businessmen are putting their greed for more profits above the safety of consumers.
Akshara: It's not just harmful; some of these adulterated food items can even lead to cancer and damage our organs like liver and kidneys.
Shilu: It's truly a serious concern for public health.
Akshara: I believe these dishonest businessmen should face severe punishment to deter others from doing the same.
Shilu: I couldn't agree more. Stricter penalties could be a significant step towards curbing food adulteration.
Akshara: Thank you for having this discussion with me.
Shilu: You're welcome. It's an important topic, and we should raise awareness about it whenever we can.
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