Dialogue About The Necessity of Tree Plantation

Anis: Hey Rakib, could you enlighten me about the significance of tree plantation?

Rakib: Of course, Anis. Trees are our greatest allies. They serve as an excellent source of food and vitamins.

Anis: How do trees impact our climate?

Rakib: Trees have a profound impact on the climate. If we recklessly destroy trees, our country might eventually transform into a vast desert. Consequently, there will be a severe scarcity of rainfall, leading to a major crisis, given that our nation heavily relies on agriculture. Moreover, trees act as natural barriers against floods and various other calamities.

Anis: So, what steps should we take?

Rakib: We should be more considerate about the way we use and protect trees. It's essential to plant more and more trees for the betterment of our lives, promoting a happier and healthier environment.

Anis: Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

Rakib: You're welcome, Anis. Let's work together to create a greener future for all.
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