Dialogue Between Two Friends on Arsenic Pollution

Jabbar: Hey there, Sabbir! What are you up to?

Sabbir: Hey, Jabbar! I'm actually going through an article about the impact of arsenic pollution.

Jabbar: Oh, arsenic pollution has become a major issue in society, hasn't it?

Sabbir: Yes, indeed. By the way, do you know what exactly arsenic is?

Jabbar: Arsenic is a toxic element present in water when its concentration exceeds the safe levels. It's commonly found in tube well water.

Sabbir: I wonder which region of our country is most affected by this problem?

Jabbar: The worst affected region is North Bengal.

Sabbir: And how does arsenic enter the human body?

Jabbar: It enters the human body when someone consumes water contaminated with arsenic.

Sabbir: What kind of harm can it cause?

Jabbar: Arsenic poisoning is insidious and slow. It may manifest as lesions on fingers or other body parts, which could eventually progress to gangrene or even cancer. Besides, it adversely affects various organs like the liver, kidneys, heart, stomach, and skin.

Sabbir: That's truly alarming. Is there any effective solution to tackle this problem?

Jabbar: Unfortunately, there's no specific medical treatment to cure arsenicosis. Raising public awareness is crucial. Opting for surface water, rivers, or properly treated rainwater can be a preventive measure.

Sabbir: Thanks for this insightful discussion.

Jabbar: You're welcome. It's essential to spread awareness about such issues.
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