Dialogue Between Two Friends on The Problem of Eve-teasing

Jabbar: Hey Nasim, how's it going?

Nasim: I'm doing well, thanks. How about you?

Jabbar: I'm alright, but there's something that's been bothering me lately.

Nasim: Oh, what's been bothering you?

Jabbar: It's the issue of eve-teasing. It really concerns me.

Nasim: Absolutely, it's a serious problem for our country. Can you explain what exactly eve-teasing means?

Jabbar: Eve-teasing refers to the harassment or molestation of women through derogatory remarks and irritating gestures.

Nasim: And who are the main victims of eve-teasing?

Jabbar: Mostly, young girls attending school, college, or university are the most vulnerable to eve-teasing. Even women who are working also face this problem.

Nasim: It's so disturbing. What kind of impact does it have on the victims?

Jabbar: The effects are deeply negative, it can scar a woman's mind, and in extreme cases, it has driven some to commit suicide.

Nasim: That's heartbreaking. What are the reasons behind eve-teasing?

Jabbar: It stems from various factors, such as unemployment, erosion of social and moral values, lack of proper education, and a lack of fear of consequences. Ultimately, moral degradation is the root cause.

Nasim: This needs to stop. How can we combat eve-teasing?

Jabbar: Raising awareness among people is crucial. Additionally, a collective effort involving the government, law enforcement, society, and media can help eradicate this problem.

Nasim: You're right. We must all do our part to eliminate eve-teasing. Anyway, let's call it a day. Goodbye.

Jabbar: Goodbye. Take care.
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