Dialogue Between Two Friends on Frequent Road Accidents

Jamil: Hey, Anil! Why the long face?
Anil: I'm feeling down after hearing about an entire family's tragic death in a road accident.

Jamil: It's really disheartening that road accidents have become an everyday occurrence.
Anil: Do you have any idea why there are so many road accidents?

Jamil: Well, reckless driving, the absence of sufficient traffic police, disregard for traffic rules and signals, and overloaded vehicles are the primary reasons behind these accidents.
Anil: Not to mention the poor road conditions at various places. Many roads are narrow, broken, and poorly maintained, leading to even more accidents.

Jamil: Rightly said. So, what measures do you think can be taken to reduce road accidents?
Anil: One crucial step is to provide proper training to drivers. Additionally, unfit and unlicensed vehicles should be swiftly taken off the roads. People also need to be educated about traffic rules and signals.

Jamil: Those are some practical solutions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Anil: You're welcome. It's essential to raise awareness about this issue.
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