Dialogue Between You and Bank Manager of Opening an Account

Habib: Good morning, sir. May I enter your office?

Manager: Certainly, come in and take a seat.

Habib: Thank you.

Manager: How can I assist you today?

Habib: Well, I'm interested in opening an account with your bank. Could you guide me through the process?

Manager: Of course. For opening an account, you'll need to choose a savings account type. Here's the application form you'll need to fill out. Additionally, you should be introduced by someone who already holds an account with us. They will need to provide their signature, address, and account number in the relevant section of the application.

Habib: Understood. Is that all I need to do?

Manager: Not quite. Here's a signature card where you will need to provide your specimen signature. Along with that, please attach two passport-sized photographs. These photographs should be attested by your introducer. Also, to open the account, you'll need to deposit a minimum of one thousand takas.

Habib: I see. I'll make sure to arrange everything accordingly. Thank you for your assistance.

Manager: You're welcome. If you have any further questions or need any help, feel free to ask. We look forward to serving you as our valued customer. Have a great day!
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