Dialogue Between You And Your Class Teacher About Reached School Late

Ataur: Excuse me, sir, may I come in?

Class teacher: Yes, come in, Ataur. You're usually punctual. What made you arrive late today?

Ataur: I apologize, sir. I just came from the hospital.

Class teacher: Oh, I hope everything is alright. Is someone in your family unwell?

Ataur: Yes, my grandfather suddenly experienced severe chest pain. Unfortunately, my father isn't at home right now.

Class teacher: I'm sorry to hear that. How is your grandfather doing now?

Ataur: He's doing better now. The doctor prescribed some medication and advised him to take some rest.

Class teacher: I'm glad to know he's improving. Please convey my best wishes for his speedy recovery.

Ataur: Thank you, sir. I appreciate your concern.
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