Dialogue Between You And Your Friend About Her Birthday

Myself: Hey, Shila! How's everything going?

Shila: I'm doing well. What brings you here so early in the morning? Any specific reason?

Myself: No worries, Shila. I came to talk about my upcoming 16th birthday celebration next Monday.

Shila: Oh, that's wonderful news!

Myself: I'd be thrilled if you could join the party in the evening.

Shila: Absolutely! Count me in. Who else have you invited?

Myself: I've invited all my friends, including Rimi, Sumi, Parveen, and some of my relatives.

Shila: It's going to be a blast for everyone. By the way, what have you planned for the party?

Myself: We have arranged dinner for all the guests, and after that, there will be music, singing, and lots of fun. I hope you'll come early.

Shila: I'll make sure to be there before the program starts. I wish the event all the success.

Myself: Thank you so much.

Shila: You're most welcome! Looking forward to the celebration.
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