Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About The Importance of Learning Computer

Tisha: Good afternoon, Maha! What are you up to?

Maha: I'm thinking about computers. It's truly an incredible invention of science. We can't imagine going through a single day without it.

Tisha: You're absolutely right; it has become an essential part of our lives. Computers have made our tasks much easier and help us accomplish difficult tasks effortlessly. Can you think of more ways we use computers?

Maha: Certainly! I have a computer at home, and I use it for reading, typing, watching movies, enjoying jokes, and having fun. I also play games on it sometimes.

Tisha: The uses of computers are limitless. They connect us to the internet, enabling us to access vast information and solve complex mathematical problems with ease. Nowadays, computers are even integrated into family affairs.

Maha: Speaking of which, do you know about the significant role of computers in the fields of medicine and education?

Tisha: Absolutely! Computers are extensively used in both sectors. Hospitals and clinics worldwide rely on computers for tasks like X-rays, Ultrasonography, and managing patient records. In education, students in developed countries use computers to prepare their study materials, and educational institutions from schools to universities utilize them extensively.

Maha: You're absolutely right. Also, the significance of computers in agriculture and commerce sectors shouldn't be overlooked. They are used to prepare documents, create lists of goods, store information, and manage budgets efficiently.

Tisha: Indeed, computers play crucial roles in printing and industrial sectors as well. They enable the composition of thousands of books within a very short time. In developed countries, computers are instrumental in running mills, factories, and industries efficiently.

Maha: Thank you, Tisha, for discussing the importance of computers with me. I truly appreciate it.

Tisha: You're welcome, friend. It's always a pleasure to discuss such significant topics with you.
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