Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About The Bad Effect of Copying in The Exam

Myself: Hi, Farhan. Good morning. How are you?

Farhan: Hey, good morning. I'm not feeling so great.

Myself: Oh, why is that?

Farhan: The exams are approaching, and I'm quite anxious about them.

Myself: Haven't you been studying your lessons thoroughly?

Farhan: No, I haven't, and as a result, I performed poorly in the last exam.

Myself: That's unfortunate, but if you want to improve, you'll have to put in some serious effort.

Farhan: Well, I've actually thought of a way out. I plan to copy during the exam.

Myself: That's really not a good idea. I can't support cheating in exams because it's a grave offense.

Farhan: I failed last time, and I just want to pass this time. Why can't you understand?

Myself: Because resorting to unfair means in exams won't lead you to true education. It's crucial for our nation's future that students acquire knowledge honestly.

Farhan: But how can I pass then?

Myself: Look, you need to study consistently and sincerely. Don't worry; I believe you can catch up if you work hard.

Farhan: Thanks for your advice.

Myself: You're welcome. Remember, true success comes from genuine effort and learning.
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