Dialogue Between You and Your Friend Regarding Your Future Plan After The Publication of The Result

Salam: Hey, Anwar! How did your SSC exams go?

Anwar: Pretty well, Salam! How about you?

Salam: I also did great.

Anwar: Any idea when they'll announce the results?

Salam: Probably in two months.

Anwar: It's time we start thinking about our future plans.

Salam: Absolutely. I've made up my mind to become a teacher.

Anwar: Oh, interesting! Why the interest in teaching?

Salam: Teaching is a noble profession, and I believe it offers a unique opportunity to contribute positively to society as a whole.

Anwar: That's true, but you know teachers aren't always given the respect they deserve, and the pay isn't always great either. It requires a lot of patience and sacrifice.

Salam: I'm aware of the challenges, but I feel a sense of duty towards society, and I want to enlighten the lives of those who lack education. What about you? Have you decided on your future plan?

Anwar: Well, I initially wanted to become a businessman, but seeing your passion for teaching, I've been inspired. So, I've also decided to become a teacher.

Salam: Wow, that means a lot to me, Anwar. Thank you.

Anwar: You're welcome, Salam. It's great to have a friend like you who motivates and influences me to choose a meaningful path. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others through education.
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