Digital Bangladesh Paragraph

Digital Bangladesh

In our country, people talk a lot about "Digital Bangladesh." The word 'digital' is like a special word for 'number,' and it's used for things like information, music, and pictures that are saved or shown using computers. Computers use two special letters, 'O' and 'I.' 'O' means no electricity, and 'I' means there is electricity. Making Bangladesh into a digital country is not easy. There are many problems. Our country is not rich, and many people can't read or write. To make the country digital, we need to build the things that help computers work. Cheating and stealing are big problems to solve. Most importantly, many people don't really know what this special word means. In simple words, making everything like water, electricity, and more available to many people using computers or the internet is what we mean by "digitalization." This helps to make things fair and clear.
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