Discipline Composition


Discipline comes from the Latin word "dicipulus," which means follower. A follower obeys their teachers, even if it costs their life. So, discipline is following the rules for human behavior.

From above the sky to the ground below, discipline is most important. The earth, moon, and stars move around the sun according to certain rules. Even animals follow discipline. Bees in a hive live very disciplined lives. All bees obey the queen bee. Ants are also disciplined and lead a disciplined life.

In every house, there is a kind of government. All family members follow the family rules. A disciplined family leads a happy and healthy life.

Discipline is found in the human body. The body's various organs work together and are disciplined for the body's growth and development.

Discipline is strictly followed in games and sports. A player must respect the referee's decisions. Here, a player sacrifices their small selfishness for the team's greater interest.

Discipline is even more necessary in the army. It is a vital part of the army. Hesitation can lead to death. Difficulty, danger, or even death cannot stop a soldier from following their commander's orders, even if they are unjust or wrong.

There's no need to respond, no need to question why. Only to act and be ready to die. A small disciplined army can defeat a larger undisciplined army. Educational institutions teach discipline. A student must follow the institute's rules, obey their superiors, and show respect to their teachers. If they don't maintain discipline, they will regret it and lose their position.

In any organization - social, religious, economic, or educational - discipline is crucial for growth and development. Discipline is necessary for a state, and even a whole nation, to prosper and develop. Discipline is a valuable asset for the growth of human society. Life without discipline means a life full of chaos and anarchy.
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