Dividing of The Bread Between Two Rats Story

Once upon a time, there were two rats living in a house. One day, they managed to steal a piece of bread from a neighboring house. However, a problem arose when they couldn't agree on how to split it, as each rat wanted the bigger part.

Feeling stuck, they decided to seek help from a monkey known for being the wisest among all animals. They asked the monkey to help them divide the bread equally. The monkey tore the bread into two pieces and placed them on a scale. He pointed out that one piece seemed heavier than the other. To make things fair, he took a small bite from the larger piece, which made the other piece heavier. The monkey repeated this process, taking small bites from the heavier piece and putting it back on the scale each time. He kept doing this until only one piece of bread remained.

At this point, the rats asked the monkey to give them the last piece. However, the monkey insisted that he had worked hard to ensure a fair division, so he wanted to keep the final piece as his reward. With these words, the monkey ended up eating the last piece of bread too. The rats left feeling sad, but they also gained some wisdom from the experience.
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